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Alexis..... furhugs???

Alexis discoverable on Telegram as @FurrySnowLeopard, (born February 10, 1970 in Derby, England), is a male fursuiter who lives in several different places in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Not necessarily by choice, but as fate would have it gets to work in both countries, therefore doesn't really have much of a home anywhere as yet :-)

He is a software tester, has 3 kids, 1 daft sprocker spaniel, plays in a ex PBEM game called Dungeonworld [1] for the last 20 odd years, claims to run a Guild for Centaurs and other furry creatures and then has been flying between England (his home) and Switzerland (his other home) for several years.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Alexis thinks he probably officially joined the fandom in March 2019 when he commissioned his very soft and floofy suit to be created by Mipsy of Furry Tailor and then registered to join the Luzern/ Lucerne fursuit walk, but really had been a closet furry for several years already. Many fursuit walks then happened between then and Furcation and NordicFuzzCon 2020 the start of the dreaded Covid-19 epidemic in March 2020 when everything furry, indeed everything pretty much came to a grinding halt.


Alexis's fursona, is a summer coloured Snow Leopard (black, white, peachy shading). His personality is friendly, cuddly and occasionally mischievous. Has been know to chase Red Pandas around NFC 2020, commonly introduces himself by randomly scritching people with very floofy paws, adding a floofy V symbol above other furs heads and occasionally pouncing on unsuspecting furs swamping them in deep fur....

Alexis can be found threatening Snow Leopard scritches and furhugs to anyone lucky/ unlucky enough to come within range.

He even attempts to scritch National news photographers...

Intro shot for NFC 2020 on Danish national evening news 24-Feb-2020

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