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Fox Winger, as depicted by TaniDaReal.

Fox Winger is the fursona (born November 3rd, 1983). He currently resides in Wickrath, Germany. Fox can be considered a Anthromorphic Fox, as well as a rubberfur.


Fox is an anthropomorphic fox; . His fur is mostly red/orange like. He has green eyes and the most significant about him are his dark-brown shoulders. He usually walks around with a B.C. Rich electric guitar on his back.

Rather than having normal skin and fur, Fox's skin is a mix of fur and living rubber. Since its implementation, the rubber has almost invaded and assimilated the fox's entire body. Fox can therefore change his shape and current state from his usual furry self to a rubber fox or liquid latex, forming any shape he wants then.


Fox's player, has been active on the Internet since about 1996. Fox started hanging around in furry forums and on websites. After doing some additional research, it didn't take Fox long to identify himself as a member of the furry fandom.


Fox enjoys roleplaying and/or chatting on FurNet as his character (using the nickname FoxWinger, as IRC does not allow for spaces in nicknames, and Fox chose not to use underscores). He also uses Adobe Photoshop to create furry art, or to ink, color, and shade furry pencil drawings. Fox loves to fursuit as well.

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