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Elly of Tapestries drawn by StickDevil
FoxWing is a nickname, of course. On Furry MUCKS (Such as Tapestries, SPR, and FurryMUCK) I am either Elly or Elyssa. I am also Elyssa Tokugawa on Second Life where I work at Bare Rose Tokyo as a General Manager, Manager of the Furry Contingent of the Staff, and Liason between Bare Rose and the various Furry Communities of SecondLife. Most typically I am a Black Furred, 5 Tailed, Winged, and super cute kitsune (kyubi fox). I have a tendency of giving people cavities, or so I have been told. ^_^;;

One thing I have to say, though... Don't mess with me... This little kit might be cute... But that by no means indicates that she doesn't have claws... Comprende?

Now gimme choklit! ^o_o^

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