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Fionacat (sometimes known as Feefers) was introduced into the world on 15th September 1990 at the time she lacked form and identity but quickly developed the avatar Runt for use in an IRC chat room for Animaniacs.

Fionacat's player is male a common occurance in the furry scene.

It is possible Fionacat owned the first fursuit in the United Kingdom but she disputes such claims (usually mumbling) noting that she was more likely to be the first to call it a fursuit in the UK rather then anything else.

Generally a force for chaos, Fionacat is very much in character and would note cats are generally evil.

In her short time on the internet she has been a member of and as editor of society/subculture fought an intensive battle to keep things from being reorganised by other editors moving all entries from the Society/subculture category to People. During this process DMoz removed Fionacat's editing privllages but continue to keep her login active for reasons unknown.

Her outspoken opinions on pretty much everything has earned her a reputation as being a jerk.

In more recent years (bearing in mind in Cat years 15 is pretty venerable) she's taken a much more chilled relaxed approach to life, the universe and everything and even developed a babyfur personality.