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Fesworks is an internet identity that has existed online since sometime in 1997. "Fesworks" was born on Yahoo!'s first internet mailing system. There is no "z" pronunciation for either of the "s"s in the name. Not even when shoretened to simply "Fes".

The name "Fesworks" was partially created from a childhood game plus the necessity of having a unique online handle. The original name was "Fes", a fictional journalist that made newspapers and wrote news articles. "Works" was added at the time of the creation of the internet handle, to avoid using various numbers. The original idea behind "Fesworks" was to once again make some sort of journal online, or at least a collection of art and other "works" which he had created.


Fesworks has had several unsuccessful websites due to the fact that noone cared about personal websites, and everyone had one. Not that his sites were any good either.

Old sites include "FesWorks Inc." and "Original Works United" which both revolved around web publishing. Fesworks had gathered a few persons to submit their works to the website to be shared with the world. Too bad Fesworks really didn't know what he was doing as much as he thought, and the whole thing eventually ended.

Fesworks had also joined with a few other gamers to try and create a new gaming website for RPGs. The site was going to be called "RPGames". Fesworks was in charge of the Nintendo site where he would update information about the existing RPGs that appeared on the Nintendo systems. It was a bit easy since it was near the end of 2000, and the Nintendo 64 did not have many RPGs. This website had fallen apart before it's actual site launch.

The next site that Fesworks had worked on was for SCSU Games Club, which is a student organization of St. Cloud State University of Minnesota. He re-created the site from the gorund up and updated it regularly until the end of his enrollment at the University.

Fesworks' current website is, where he now updates a tri-weekly webcomic called A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.


A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy is a webcomic Fesworks created to sort out is real life frustrations and eventually took on a life of its own. The webcomic features characters Fes and Ernst. These characters are essentially personas of himself portrayed in webcomic form. The comic's title actually no longer accuratly describes it.


When Fesworks was initially created in 1997, he went to as many sites as he could to register his username to "lock" it in so noone else could take it. Sites mostly consisted of a multitude of e-mail sites, and sites that gave you an identity online (such as Myspace). Today Fesworks is typically only found using Yahoo! and Gmail services.

Internet Involvement[edit]

Fesworks has been apart of a few select internet communities. His first one was, which was an original and most comprehensive USA Dragonball Z fansite of its time. The site has since been removed from the internet as rising popularity of the show essentially overpowered the free and adless site.

While working on the failing RPGames website, Fesworks happened onto The Gaming Revolution gaming message board. Fesworks is an active member of this community to this day. His contributions to the site range from helpful and inciteful, to downright confusing and unreleated. Fesworks has been with the site since 2000, and goes by "Fes" on this site.

Right now, Fesworks also has a segment on's Infendo Radio Podcast, and airs every Saturday. Fesworks has a sixty second segment called Two Cents in Sixty Seconds where he talks about various Nintendo related topics. The segment has aired on every show since Infendo Radio Show #19.

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