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Fate is the primary online identity of a nomenclaturally-anonymous player. Presently played on SPR, YiMu, and most notably SuperMegaTopia MUCK, where the player also operates the wizard character Panic.

Fate generally appears as a heavyset, tanklike anthropomorphic nine-banded hoplite armadillo, once described as "like a brick wall, only with active hatred towards you."

Both the player and the character have been described as 'needlessly rude,' amongst other less family-friendly adjectives. This is due to their tendency to use abrasive speech and mannerisms, sarcasm, and a process that they refer to as 'rolling off the deep end', which probably borders on some form of trade secret.

They do not suffer fools gladly, and will use whatever means entertaining to stop whiners and rules-lawyers. This is the primary reason for them being chosen as Player Relations / Character Relations / Powergamer Control on SMTMUCK.

In the physical world, Fate's player is an armorer and gunsmith of moderate skill, making a living in southwestern Pennsylvania. He specializes in "practical" weapons systems, generally from little-regarded but high-quality manufacturers. He operates a store out of a small section of his house, and attends firearms functions regularly.

His store remains unnamed, though several times he has wondered if it's a good idea to call it "Murdersticks, Inc."