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Faradin is a 9th grade TF fan in A mystery city, Oklahoma, who writes short [by his perspective] stories for no money whatsoever and has no fans or readers besides his countless, pointless alter egos he uses online and in real life. He is a heterosexual-conservative-christian and likes getting into arguments with friends IRL about said topics. If someone isn't his best friend who would gladly give their life for him, they are is sworn archnemesis who would like nothing better to see his face covered in all kinds of gross squiggly-nigglies. Faradin is an anthro otter owned, operated and founded by Ian Gilbraith. Ian's location is a mystery, despite his numerous references to Tulsa, Oklahoma in all his stories, complete with street names, numbers, and driving directions. He hides an unhealthy obsession with all things foxy, including his stories, from even his closest relatives and friends. The only peple he lets read his work are complete strangers over the worlwide interweb.