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Elmenetalgoddragon's Dragon Form, Version 3
Elemental God
Elmenetalgoddragon's Wolf forms. When it hits night time, his own body change to a darker color and dark green strips form on his back and his arms, as well his eyes change from normal brown to golden brown, sometimes to red.
(aka Ele, EGD, Centbair): Is a green Dragon that is own and made my Himself. He has many forms since he is a shape shifter. They include: Wolf, Dragon, Bat, and Lycan. All forms keep his green main color, besides the Bat form, which has a brown body color. There been different versions of him (aka Dragon form). Version 1 was a basic green dragon and though out the two or so years since he was made, his own body appearance changed. The latest version (Version 4, still in making) will be the finial version of him.

Powers: Element powers of: Fire, Water, Ice, Electric, Earth, and Air. Shape Shift Powers Aura Powers Bending of each elements.

Facts about him: Sometimes like to Role Play, Yiffs most of the time, Crazy, weird, and there is many more about him still unknown by many...

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