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Eilowny is a Scottish born (Falkirk, Scotland) Snow Leopard that currently resides in Ontario, Canada. She is often heard giggling or saying random Scottish words that most people just smile aand nod at.

Eilowny is happily married to Zoom, a Siberan Tiger from Ontario, Canada, since September 28th 2010.

Eilowny is fortunate enough to be part of several convention security teams.

She was the Head of Security at What The Fur for its final year

Assistant head of security at Furnal Equinox from 2019. Having been part of the team since 2016
Head of Zookeepers (security) at CanFURence. Having been a part of the team since 2016

The conventions that are regularly attended by Eilowny are; Camp Feral, Furnal Equinox, CanFURence.