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There are at least three furry subscription box services: Boxsona, Fur Delivery, and Furry Mystery Box. If you don't know what a subscription box service is, it is a service of a recurring (sometimes monthly) delivery of niche products. More well-known examples include Loot Crate (nerdy products) and BarkBox (products for dogs).

The first one seems to be Boxsona with their earliest box in September 2016. They have their own domain Boxsona was based in Nova Scotia, Canada, but moved to Alberta, Canada in mid-2017, and is run by Awkward Bea.

Website has images and details of the five previous mailings (2016 September to 2017 September), including various links for most of the artists. Starting with the 2nd box (2016 November box) each box contains one page of serial-ized comic Ty-Dai Cutie Pie by Lorne Colt. In addition to pre-ordering a Boxsona box, furries can also pre-order a more affordable Boxsona envelope ($19.99 USD +tax for envelope; compared to $42.99 USA + tax for box). Envelopes contain exclusive art and "flat" furry items.

The next box (Warm & Cozy Edition) has been delayed by an issue with a manufacturer and Awkward Bear getting promoted to manager at his dayjob (and the other half of the team leaving the project in October 2017 and Awkward Bear's emergency surgery later in October have probably contributed to the delay)

For those who don't like to order items sight-unseen, Boxsona also have a more traditional online shop at The Furry Life Store (hosted by Shopify) of items from previous Boxsona boxes.

The second business seems to be Fur Delivery with their earlier box being in 2017 November. They don't have their own domain, but their website is hosted by It is operate from Texas, USA, and is owned and operated by Tymid.

Website has some images and details (including artist names) of the two previous mailings (2017 November and December), but no artist links and in some cases is not obvious who did what piece of art.

It is unclear to me how many boxes they have shipped since then, because tweets are confusing about what content is in which month's box. Example: is the reindeer mug in the December box or in the January box?

Fur Delivery sells two types of boxes (with additional $25 shipping fee for international customer):

  • Standard box for $25, which including goodies and a t-shirt.
  • Deluxe box for $40, with all the goodies of the standard box, plus an extra few special surprises.

Their twitter named is currently "Fur Delivery--REBOOTING", which may explain why the website shop is empty, where customers could buy "remaining limited edition stickers, buttons, magnets, and more".

The third business seems to be Furry Mystery Box with their earlier box mailed out in 2018 March. They have their own domain They are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is unclear who is organizing it, but one of their tweets shows a bearded guy with a stack of their boxes.

Boxes are mailed quarterly (once every three months). Website has no details on previous boxes.

Furry Mystery Box sells two types of subscriptions (extra $5 for shirts 3XL & larger):

  • furry mystery t-shirt subscription for $15 every three months.
  • Furry mystery box for $25 every three months: includes t-shirt.

Subscription cut-off date for FMB's next box (box 3): September 2, 2018.