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See ColoFurs (mailing list) for example of complete article about a mailing list.

Lead section[edit]

If there could be confusion with another article. Put a Hatnote at the very top.

:''This article is about the mailing list. For EXAMPLE in general, see [[EXAMPLE]].'' Results in:

This article is about the mailing list. For EXAMPLE in general, see EXAMPLE.

Put logo (if any) at top: [[File:ExampleLogo.png|right|thumb|optional description ]]

Lead section - some wording[edit]

Name of group
is a furry group, with a Yahoo! discussion board,
is a Yahoo!group discussion board for furries

centered in and around example-location.
located in example-area and surrounding U.S.A. states.
residing in, or having an interest in, the example-area2.
who are interested in example-interest. <P>A Yahoo! Group discussion board is a hybrid of an electronic mailing list and an internet forum. The Yahoo!group is used for general discussion and to organize social events. The largest contingent of members is centered in the CITY-ONE, California area, with a second large group in CITY-TWO, Oregon. Group was formed in February 1997 as an offshoot from its mother list, NAME-of-mothergroup, when name-of-SOMEONE noticed a surplus of EXAMPLE was being posted, and recognized a need for a more specialized list. The group is currently moderated, and membership requires approval. The group had 200 members on November 6, 2007 and 475 members on May 8, 2010. The first Yahoogroup was deleted by Yahoo for unspecified TOS violations and was replaced by Name-2. The second group was shut down in March 2009 following a REASON-FOR-SHUTDOWN.

Main URLs[edit]

You can have the main URL(s)

  • A* in address(es) area. Example:
  • Address:
  • Founder:Founder-name
  • Administrators: Admin-name-one, Admin-name-2
  • Moderators: Mod-name-1, Mod-name-2
  • Ran from/to: August 1999 - present

OR in the External links section near bottom of article.



External links[edit]

For any links not in Address(es) area:

{ {{mailing-stub}}. (OR maybe {{community-stub}})

If group is geographically-based group, check Category:Geographically-related content directories to see if there an appropriate tag to add to bottom of article.

[[Category:Regional groups]] [[Category:Mailing lists]] [[Category:Missouri]]

If start date is known, then check Category:Births by year for the appropraite sub-category.