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This is a list of animal mascots:

(List in progress. Feel free to add to it.)

mascot name species image organization name organization category other
Aleksandr Orlov meerkat
Aleksandr.jpeg business: car insurance firm
Anima felinsect (butterfly-winged feline) Cartoon/Fantasy Organization - New York chapter
Amy the Squirrel squirrel
Amy design 1992.jpg
Amiga (UNOFFICIAL mascot)
Astro Cat cat The Bulletin (published by Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens’ Association)
B.C. Tigress tiger CAAT Studios
Barney Beaver beaver Toronto Transit Commission safety mascot
Benny[1][2] primate? Kalahari Resorts business: water park resort chain tweet photo
Benny Beaver Beaver Oregon State University education: university Wikipedia
Bitdefender brand avatar half wolf/half dragon BitDefender brand avatar/logo
Brok badger
ConFuzzled events: furry convention
Buddy the Puffin avian > bird > puffin Newfoundland Growlers[3] and St. John's Edge[4] sports: hockey (ECHL) and basketball (NBL Canada)
Bundy R. Bear bear > polar bear
Bundaberg Distilling Company - Bundaberg Rum logo
Buzz and Boomer avian > bird > blue-coloured birds Winnipeg Blue Bombers sports: football (Canadian Football League) Wikipedia
Carlton the Bear[5] bear > polar bear Toronto Maple Leafs sports: hockey (NHL)
Cash A Roo[1] kangaroo Cash Money business: payday loan business
Coyote, The coyote San Antonio Spurs sports: basketball (Wikipedia)
Doc (mascot) tiger Towson University education: university (Wikipedia)
DomoRoo and Jumper kangaroo Domo Gasoline business
Energizer Bunny rabbit Energizer business: battery manufacturers (Wikipedia)
Ernie the Elephant[2] elephant Wonderful Pistachios (of The Wonderful Company) business: food
Fairborne and Fairchild[3] gopher Minnesota State Fair events: state fair
Fanta aquatic skiltaire
Cartoon/Fantasy Organization
Fin the Whale orca Vancouver Canucks sports: hockey
Freddy[6] bear (teddy bear) Freedom Mobile
Geoffrey the Giraffe giraffe Toys "R" Us business: toy retailer
Goldy Gopher gopher University of Minnesota (Twin Cities campus & sports teams) education & sports Wikipedia
Grizz[7] bear Oakland Golden Grizzlies (Oakland University) education: university: sports
Harry the Husky dog: husky (grey costume until circa Sept 2010)(grey&purple costume debut Oct 2010[8]) University of Washington education: university (including sports) Wikipedia. Twitter. Harry is costume mascot. UoW also has live dog mascot since circa 1922[9] with Dubs II start circa 2018.[10][9]
Harvey the Hound dog Calgary Flames sports: hockey (NHL) Wikipedia (was also mascot of Calgary Stampeders (football).[11]
HokieBird avian > bird > turkey Virginia Tech education: university Wikipedia
Hooper horse Detroit Pistons sports: basketball (NBA) Wikipedia
Hopper rabbit
Hopper of Hoppin Hydros.jpg
Hoppin Hydros business
Hopper the Kangaroo[12] kangaroo Dish Network
Joey the Rainbow Roo kangaroo Rainbow Roo business: clothing Joey the Rainbow Roo page
Jollibee bee Jollibee business: food: Fast food chain
Kenny Kangaroo kangaroo Kennywood
Kenya elephant[13][2] Kalahari Resorts business: water park resort chain
Kya[2] elephant Kalahari Resorts business: water park resort chain costume photo
Lou lion[14] Kalahari Resorts business: water park resort chain
Lucky Dog[15] dog Aaron's, Inc. business: lease-to-own retailer
Lux the Wildcat[16] Wildcat Davidson College athletics education: college
Midge cow Muckleshoot Bingo gambling? "Muckleshoot Bingo's ... poster cow for spot-on social-distancing"
Miga bear > sea bear (mythical hybrid of orca & Kermode bear)[17]
2010 Winter Olympics sports
Mukmuk marmot: Vancouver Island marmot
2010 Winter Olympics (friend of the olympic mascots) sports: Olympics
Nigel[4][5] owl Xyzal, a product of UCB business: pharmaceutical: anti-allergy
Nittany Lion lion > Mountain lion[18] Pennsylvania State University
Nutty The LeafGuard Squirrel[19][20][21] squirrel LeafGuard business
Ollie the Owl[6] owl TripAdvisor website: travel
Owl (possibly unnamed) avian > bird > owl University of British Columbia, Arts Undergraduate Society Replaced UBC AUS's previous mascot "Barney" in early 2014 [7]
Parka[8] beaver Parks Canada government agency
Pelle the Penguin avian > bird > penguin Corpell's Water
Quatchi sasquatch 2010 Winter Olympics
Ralph the Dog dog Calgary Stampeders sports: football (Canadian Football League) Wikipedia
Rampage sheep (a ram)? [9] Camosun College, Camosun Chargers
Raptor, The[22] dinosaur > featherless Velociraptor Toronto Raptors sports: basketball (NBA)
Rikter the Cyberdog dog > husky
San Jose Earthquakes sports: soccer
Sammy Bearkat bearkat Sam Houston State University education: university (Wikipedia)
Sullivan[10] bear?? Libib Library management service
Sumi chimera (of orca, thunderbird and black bear)[23] 2010 Winter Paralympics sports
Swoop avian > bird > eagle Philadelphia Eagles sports > football > NFL (Wikipedia)
Thunder[11] thunderbird University of British Columbia, athletics sports
To Lucky tiger Hanshin Tigers sports: baseball (Wikipedia)
Tux (mascot) avian > bird > penguin Linux kernel (& parts of Linux) software (Wikipedia)


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