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Ask someone to start an article[edit]

Added ((NAME-OF-THING)) to ((FOR EXAMPLE "Websites to add")) part of ((FOR EXAMPE )) Hope you have time to start article about ((NAME-OF-THING)).

(I'm juggling too much to do it myself)


variation for Twitter:

@USERNAME Added ((NAME-OF-THING)) to "Websites to add" part of Hope you will start article about ((NAME-OF-THING)). Thanks

Ask someone about merging two WikiFur accounts[edit]

Noticed you seem to have two WikiFur accounts and

Would you be ok with those two accounts getting merged? And which username would you prefer? EXAMPLE-one, EXAMPLE-two or something else?

To merge the accounts you need to log in at WikiFur as WIKIA-USERNAME, because it needs to be imported from Wikia. You use the same password as you used on Wikia. (or go through the password reset process at Wikia first, including setting a new NON-temporary Wikia password.) After you log in to WikiFur (as WIKIA-USERNAME) with the Wikia password, WikiFur will check Wikia and ask "is this the right password?" and if passwords match it would fully import the account.

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