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Anthropomorphic works first published during 2015.

"{not in UMA 2015 list}" means not included in Ursa Major Awards 2015 Recommended Anthropomorphics List (UMA list "Last Update January 15, 2016")

Motion picture

Anthropomorphic Dramatic short work or series[edit]

Anthropomorphic novel[edit]

Anthropomorphic Short fiction[edit]

Anthropomorphic Other literary work[edit]

Anthropomorphic Graphic story[edit]

Anthropomorphic Comic strip


Published illustration


Anthropomorphic website[edit]

  • Ask Papabear, by Grubbs Grizzly, furry advice column. {included in UMA list}
  • Culturally F'd, YouTube channel, furry videos. (YouTube link) {included in UMA list}
  • E621, furry fandom art community site. Mature Audiences. {included in UMA list}
  • Equestria Daily, My Little Pony fandom community site. {included in UMA list}
  • FiMFiction, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic site. (website, MLP Fan Labor wiki) {included in UMA list}
  • Furry Network, furry art/writing/media social networking site. {included in UMA list}
  • Furry.Today, furry videos. (website) {included in UMA list}
  • Furstarter, crowdfunding furry projects portal. {included in UMA list}
  • The Katbox, hosts anthropomorphic webcomics. {included in UMA list}
  • SoFurry, furry artist/writer community. {included in UMA list}
  • WikiFur, furry wiki. {included in UMA list}