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This article is a work of fiction, created primarily by Banrai, Anjel and Captain Cowgirl in a response to Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland.

Jessika (Pronounced: YE-si-kah), also known as 'The Grand Duchess' is a 25 year old radical liberal, ecological-aware otter with black and gray feathered wings and twisted gemsbok horns. She has been in the furry fandom for several years, and has attended two cons to date. (FWA 06 and MFM 06)

Coming from New York City, she loves the north, and has an intense hate for southwestern states such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. But mostly Texas. She feels that these states breed intolerance to the ability for a woman to choose for herself many parts of her life.

As far as politics go, Jessika simply can't stand the current president, George 'W' Bush. She also doesn't like to be associated with anyone that could be considered 'conservative'. Jessika feels that all conservatives are homophobic know-it-alls who are trying to take away our ability to choose, they hate women, minorities, the environment and the poor! She has been identified often as an anarchist, due to her hate of government authority and her wish to have no government at all. She also has been known to often commit acts that by some may be considered illegal or immoral, all in the name of environmentalism. She loves animals and plants, and all things natural. She hates factories and pollution, and lives for the day that humans go back to nature instead of destroying it.

Jessika is bisexual, leaning towards lesbianism. However, she can not stand homosexual men, she considers them trite and does not approve of m/m relationships. She is a very outspoken feminist, and is a full supporter of women's rights, and a woman's right to choose for herself. While some view her as a femmenazi, she doesn't consider herself as such.

Jessika is a devout Catholic, having been raised in Irish Catholicism. She has dreams of one day attending seminary and becoming an expert in demonology and exorcism.

Within the furry fandom, her friends include Anjel, Lacrimas, Captain_Cowgirl and many others. She enjoys partaking in various debauchery with her RL friends. She is also part of the Pokemon fandom, and loves all of the games.

The Grand Duchess

Jessika's character, a violet otter with rose colored hair, silver antlers, and baby blue eyes, was derived from Jessika's love for mythical animals. Originally a winged Jackelope, Jessika chose to take her character a step further and made it instead a river otter due to their endangered status. She chose to make this statement because her extremist views make those like her quite rare in the community, just like the river otter is becoming in it's natural habitat. Her wings represent her wish to fly away from the destruction that has been caused to nature, and her horns are to defend herself from predators and those that would destroy who she is and what she stands for.

She usually wears clothing with very outspoken messages on them, her favorite reads "I like bush on women, not in my government" She is also working on her first fantasy novel.