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G'nh'ogul is a species created by Dragon1f which was originally it was supposed to be (him/her/their) fursona based on his ponysona


G'nh'oguls are described as being a dragon/wolf/wild cat/fennec fox hybrid, but due to many changes, Dragon1f decided to make make it new species "to make describing (them) easier". At the end it is nowhere close to original description of hybrid and its much closer to the original anatomical idea.[clarify]


Their anatomy is heavily inspired by that of dragons. The biggest difference being G'nh'oguls quad (four) wing setup, a few head features, blood type, and front upper body.

Head shape[edit]

Their muzzle is based on those of canines, with a huge difference in teeth composition and types. The forehead and horns are based, again, on those of dragons, while eyes are based on those of felines, and their ear shape (originally based on fennec ears) was later modified into a hybrid of funnel eared bat and fennec ears.


Incisor (frontal) teeth from I1 to I3 are nearly identical to wolf teeth, with the only difference of being 2-5% wider than wolf's. G'nh'oguls have two sets of canines with a shape similar to Tasmanian devil's canines. C2 is 20% smaller than C1 and top C2 does have a venom duct in addition. Next are three sets of premolars with shapes resembling Lynxes' premolars, just a tiny bit duller. The last three sets are molars that resemble horse's molars but are just two-thirds of the size of a horse.