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Draaz is a Maltese Tiger furry from Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada who's been a furry by heart for as long as she can remember. Though was truly introduced into the furry life when she moved from her home town of Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada, coming to live with her best friend and fellow fur, Cricket. And also local fur, Kaji.

All About The Blue Wonder[edit]

Standing at a content 5'9" and a healthy 200 lbs (although she doesn't really look it), Draaz is well... normal. Although usually a mellow and happy kitten, with a love for scritches, she's not a force to be tangling with when she's angry or depressed. -- At the ripe old age of 20.6, she is already happily married to the most wonderful man in the universe, and is already set on buying a house in the next 2 years and starting a family.

The Juicy Details[edit]

You'll just have to wait and see ^_- <3

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