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y halo dar. dis b DW's page.

Fail English aside, this is my WF page, character list below (Some have several names!).

About me[edit]

See the article about Dark. WikiFur User

I'm 16, a dude, and I live in rural Ontario. Oh, and my name's Kevin. Being a typical furry, I find the association with sex/bestiality retarded and in my case completely false. My parents aren't divorced or separated, but they don't live together, and my house is currently undergoing "reconstruction" as my mum puts it (it's been like this for over a year, I'm beginning to think she's trolling me). My parents are /b/tards as well, as the first thing they said when they found out I was a furry was something along the lines of "You know that's all about sex, right?" -- I had to deny being a furry to dodge consistent shots at myself regarding why I am one, which is a question I really can't answer. I like roleplaying, writing and music, but I suck at the third. On IRC I appear as DarkW due to DW already being taken.

I'm not to good at real-life D&D (or at least, that's what Wolfmaster maintains. I don't believe him in the slightest, as he keeps telling me that he doesn't see any difference between me and my characters, but I say the same of him.), but if one were to look at any post by "Furry" in this thread on ZEJ, and open any spoilers, they'd think differently. They are all different, but all me at the same time. I hate being told that my characters, which I've spent at least a month developing in the cases of newer ones like Genko, are "cut-outs". Never do this, as you will provoke a rant lasting several hours on how wrong you are.

I play Touhou (but abysmally fail at it -- can't beat any game other than Imperishable Night -- the easiest -- and even then, only on easy.), and love ZUN's compositions. Among my other favorite artists are Renard Queenston, The Prodigy, Sonic Hispeed Omega, MORRIGAN, Nightwish and Edenbridge. Favorite genres are Errorcore (my own genre of techno, lul), Breakbeat (fuck the dubstep obsession that everyone else has), Orchestral, Symphonic Metal and VGM.

I know the ins and outs (non-code-related) of various free and commercial web software packages, and the list of stuff that I have backend experience of is too long to write down, though I deal mostly in MyBB for forums and MediaWiki (WF of course runs a derivative of it, and is very uncreatively tagged with -furry as its indicator.) for wikis.

Shit I do[edit]

Well, I run a few websites, not the least of them being ZEJ Roleplaying (<- not named for me, known as Furry there) and The Cult of Ustream forums, which were originally founded by Jason, not me. Same name there as any other site hosted by me. ZEJ is the home of my furry RP, with rules based on the popular D&D system, known as ARKNET 2 (the first was a real-life D&D mod DMed by my friend and fellow furry Wolfmaster/Darkness41/whatever the fuck he's calling himself today), and many of my unlisted characters appear as NPCs. CoU has a few of my characters (and is the origination of my main fursona) in its roleplay canon.

Where to find me[edit]

Pokemon Acanthite; Furry, Moderator

ZEJ Roleplaying; Furry, Administrator

To Sum Them All Up In One Sentence[edit]

  • Jack Evans is a ninja black wolf Anthroid, previously grim reaper from Japan.
  • Judas Numidius is a vampiric white wolf water spirit who likes music.
  • Mirah Numidius is Judas' wife and the greediest, most oddly-colored wolf ever.
  • Dark is a grey winged vampire wolf with a quirky personality who works as a freelance guitarist.
  • Tate Vandiche is Dark's girlfriend, surgeon, and mother of their surprisingly non-vampiric son Kam.
  • Kam Vandiche is the son of Dark and Tate, a college student and by far the most normal of Dark's family.
  • Massey Evans is Jack's criminally insane adopted father.
  • Saki Takahashi is Jack's bitter rival who was responsible for his first of seven deaths.
  • Kitsune Genko is a swift fox assassin and computer programmer, the younger and more paranoid Kitsune brother.
  • Kitsune Daiko is a red fox martial artist and computer programmer, the older and more mature Kitsune brother.
  • Parker Davidson is a panther military officer and weapons expert who hates robots.
  • Masami Shimizuto is Jack's biological brother, estranged at five years old when a band of assassins killed their family.

Holy Shit, Fursona![edit]

I decided to replace The List as it wasn't really a list with this.

Of course, Dark is my main fursona (though as evidenced above I have twelve technically, with two of them possessing a punny last name if thought of in a specific way). He's a lot like me, obviously, as we share a hatred of Justin Bieber and the hellborne "song" known as Friday (and any other garbage Rebecca Black dumps on the music scene. No offense Jack, but she cannot do music. At all.). Also amongthe hate list is eDating and trolls. I was caught up in the crossfire of a whole eDating scandal on a roleplaying chat room I visit, and that leaked through to him eventually. Trolls we both hate as forum administrators.

But of course, enough about that, and on to a much more detailed description of Dark than what exists on my person page. He's a fairly average-sized grey lycan or wolf anthro with a huge difference that sets him apart: he happens to be a particularly old vampire and as such, his eyes are a very deep, vivid red color. He doesn't bite unless he's targeting someone specific, and only when necessary at that. He occasionally forms a band with close friend Judas and the Ghost Orchestra, an orchestra... composed entirely of multiples of the same character.

When duty calls, he brings his two swords -- Soulbinder and Silverlight -- and takes to the skies in search of evil. No, not in a plane, he actually has wings and can fly under his own power.

Furcode (decode):
FCWwm3adr A- C- D-- H- M- P? R T? W- Z- Sm# RLM a- cn++ d+ e- f h* iw+++ j p++ sm--