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"He drew me a delightful Pikachu sporting a strap-on!!"-Oscar Wilde on DLNorton

See the article about DLNorton. WikiFur User

I'M STILL BREATHING!! Luv ya!! ..Now for some art..

Bed, Bath & Beyond (c)2006 DLNorton
Bunni Bunny (c)2006 DLNorton
Rhonda as she appeared in DESERT STORMS (c)2006 DLNorton
Rhonda in a Dominatrix uniform (c)2006 DLNorton
Rhonda Crystalflex (c)2006 DLNorton

Now..despite what you all think, I'm still here!! I never truly left, I've just been hiding in the wings waiting for my chance to spring back into action..!! Well..maybe "now" isn't the time..but soon...SOON..!!

--DLNorton 15:13, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

DLNorton logo1.jpg