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He seems to delight in the mystery surrounding his name and has been compiling a list of guesses. A sample is given here:

Department Of People Real - Director Of Pear Rolls - Director Of Public Relations - Distance Of Peace Relative - Dragon Of Princely Royalty - Dragons Only Piss Right - Dust On Priceless Regalia - Drunk Only Per Request - Drunk On People's Roofs - Driving On Public Realty - Ditz Of Perpetual Reality - Director Of Physical Relationships - Dude On Pussy Regailia - Dipshit Ordering Peasants to Regress - Dominatrix Ovulating with Penis Requirements - Dominion Of Peripheral Retards - Dispicable Omnipotent Pancreal Regurgitation - Dormant Oblique Paruvial Reticent - Dickweed on Patrol Recently - Doofus on Prescribed Retinol - Distant Oscillating Projectile Raptor - Destitute Orphan Per Rampage - Drinking Oranges Past Red - Dichotomal Occidental Paranormal Rabbit - Darcy Ontigue/Patrick Reily - Door Operated Pope Release - Desist Or Pay Reparations -