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Hello, and welcome to my user page. I am Cookie the penguin (Just call me "Cookie" for short, though some have been known to call me "Penguin"), and I'm here hoping to help fix up the grammatical structures of the articles, and generally help out with other article problems like missing citations and factual errors, but for the most part I'm best with sentence structure reconstruction. I hope to be a valued member of this site in due time.

I am currently going through a rough patch emotionally, I'm very depressed and lacking in motivation to continue most of my projects that I have set up for myself...

About Cookie[edit]

I am a 19 year old fairy penguin from Virginia, USA. I'm very passionate about movies, music, art, books and 20th century culture. I'm very friendly and love being a person for others to lean on when they're not doing well.

Cookie's project[edit]

In my spare time I like to write books (I've yet to publish one, they still need a lot of work, just so we're clear), one book I'm in the process of writing is a graphic novel about a group of furry characters going through college, and each one has a set of obstacles in their life that they must overcome by the end of the book, and it tackles deep topics that are prevalent in our culture such as coming out of the closet, drug addiction, domestic abuse, mob mentality, young pregnancy and abortion, living with disability, depression and even rape, and I do the best I can to make it a very serious story that anyone can understand, not just furries, as well as making sure that the book contains no sexually explicit visual content, a daunting task considering it's a graphic novel and all. I've been working on this book for well over five years now and it has really evolved over the course of writing it, becoming better than I could ever have dreamed of initially. I'm almost done with the scripting of the book and am still looking for an artist who's willing to take on the task of illustrating my work, so if you know someone who would like to do something of the sort for me, let me know!