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CdnDragon (born June 1987) is a furry and a 3D animation student at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Although he hasn't been a furry for long, he quickly grasped it as part of his lifestyle.

CdnDragon joined IMVU on November 24, 2006. Before joining, he explored furry art on the Internet for a couple of years, but it wasn't until after that his inner fur bloomed. His avatar on IMVU first started out as a half-dragon then eventually became a full dragon and because of his love of dragons, he decided to be one for his fursona. Not long after that, he joined the IMVU Furry Forums (started by Maxis29) and stumbled upon fur bundles created by one of IMVU's pro developers, razi. To date, he now has 10 fur bundles and a set of scales in his avatar's inventory.

His fur bundles include:

  • Black Dragon Set
  • Arctic Fox (Both Summer and Winter Stages)
  • Black Wolf
  • Coyote
  • Red Fox
  • Hellfire Kitsune
  • Hellfire Leopard
  • Leophox
  • Silver Fox
  • Silver Wolf

Shortly after the IRC server was added, he became very active on it, talking to new people and making new friends. He is currently a Half-Op so he can watch over it when he can. He has also adopted the nickname 'Scalie' and changed his IRC nick to it after razi started calling him that instead of 'CdnDragon'.

As for IMVU, he is meeting new people everyday within the community. He is also trying to start developing products for IMVU on his spare time.