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This page is a personal article based on an experimental theory, and may not conform to WikiFur's standards for tone or neutral writing. As a courtesy, please contact the author, Brushwell Clinton, if you wish to make major changes.

The Furry Power Superiority Complex is an experimental theory in Social Science.

The theory states that:

  • If a particular single fur has power, authority or dominance over other fur(s), however much,
  • And if the lesser fur(s) are lenient towards the power-holder, to the extent that the power-holding fur is in a position of dominance,
  • Or in a physical position of authority, e.g. Sysops, Ircops, etc.,

Then in almost all cases the power-holding fur in question will always strive to showcase and exercise his/her aforementioned powers over the lesser fur(s).

There are and can be exceptions to the rules in this theory, in the form of benevolent and/or detached power-holding furs.

The result of continued power abuse by the power-holding fur can be:

  • The eventual termination of their power by any means; including Rebellion and Peer-Group Ousting.
  • Or, the waning of the powerbase by any means; including the mass exodus of the lesser furs.