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Bradly, also known as Braly33 (real name Billy Shinyo Ross III; born March 2, 1977), is an otherkin, furry writer, furry poet, and furry artist who lives in Oskaloosa, Iowa, USA.[1]


Bradly makes many poems and short stories about him and his friends. Sometimes, he writes stories about Ozzie Skunk and other characters as well. Bradly loves to write short stories of dragons.


Bradly draws pictures of his fursona and other characters as well. When he draws for someone, he charges nothing for the art he produces. Everyone is happy that he is there to draw them some pictures they enjoy.


Bradly had an awakening when he was ten years old. That was the start of him being a dragon otherkin. He had a nightmare when he was 11 years old. In the dream, he was a black dragon drinking from a lake and a rock on the cliff killed him in the dream. That is when he woke up and realized he was a dragon otherkin. His otherkin name is Kail. On Oct. 6, 2012, Bhikkhu Samahita initiated him into Theravada Buddhism and again on Mar. 16, 2013. Then on June 6, 2013, Rev. Koyo Kubose initiated him into Japanese Mahayana Buddhism where he'll be a lay minister.


Bradly is a black dragon babyfur. He is also a cute little tyke. His furry age is four years old. He has black scales and green eyes.


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