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Blaise Zebrataur
Credit and dates
Species profile
Metazoanzebra equitaur centauroid
TypeGenetic construct
MorphologyAnthro taur

Blaise Zebrataur, also known as Blaise (real name Mitchell; was Born January 11, 1991. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His fursona is a pegasus zebra equitaur.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Joined the Furry Fandom in mid 2019 after attending the "How To Become a Furry" panel at BronyCon 2019.

Blaise made two appearances in the webcomic Off Centaured in 2020.

Convention attendance[edit]

  • BronyCon - 2019


Mitchell's fursona is a pegasus zebrataur. Born in Africa as the the only one in his herd with wings, Blaise grew up with a brother named Austin, who was tragically killed during a lion attack at the age of seven. Blaise would move to the United States when he became 18 years old to make a name for himself and would fall in love with a chakat by the name of Chakat Whitelion, the pair would have a ten plus year relationship before marrying on October 31, 2020.

While born a male, Blaise has the ability to get pregnant as well as grow in breasts.

Blaise also has the powers of a shapeshifter, having several forms including Macro, Mer, Taur Train and Ichthyocentaur.

Personal Life[edit]

Mitchell was born in Ohio.

Mitchell would go through two rough breakups and was on the verge of suicide before coming up with the character Blaise.

Along with being in the Furry fandom, Mitchell runs a YouTube racing league called the Stock Car Racing League(SCRL) [1]


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