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BlackStatic, also known as Static or BS, is an artist, musician and writer from New South Wales, Australia. Under the name of Black Static Productions, they produce various forms of creative content including music, art, graphic design and screen plays.

Fursonas and Aliases[edit]

BlackStatic identifies as a multiple system of nine various identities and, as of 2016, is seeking a diagnosis for Dissociative Identity Disorder. They do not wish for their fursonas or aliases to be referred to as "characters", as they feel this erases the experiences of each self identity and any traumas these persons may have.

Ayla Kurone[edit]

Ayla is a non binary, anthropomorphic feline remembling a caracal. They bare powers over lightning and electromagnetic energy. They have tan-brown fur with a chubby white belly, black markings on their face and limbs, black and cyan hair and silver wings that are either feathered or made of metallic blades.

Kaigan Kurone[edit]

Kaigan is an anthropomorphic black canine closely resembling a dingo. He has control over water. He has a white belly with gold and silver markings on his arms and legs. He has silver bugs wings which are rarely used.

Francis "Marai" Kurone[edit]

Marai is an anthropomorphic brown gryphon, more often represented as a winged human called Francis. He wears a blue shirt and jeans with a red scarf and carries a two-handed sword.

Renae Kurone[edit]

Renae is an anthropomorphic alien most closely resembling a Port Jackson Shark. She has poison barbs on her elbows and venomous porcupine quills in place of hair. Occasionally she is seen as a human with blonde and black streaked hair.

Vincent Kurone[edit]

Vincent is an anthropomorphic, purple furred dragon in a suit and tie. He controls shadows. He is also seen as a human with dark brown hair.

Saskia Kurone[edit]

Saskia is a bipedal white dragon with mint green hair and lavender markings. She is Vincent's sister and possesses telepathic abilities. She has heterochromia and is blind in her right eye.

Richard Kurone[edit]

Rick is an anthropomorphic dog resembling an Australian kelpie or red heeler. Sometimes he is seen as a human with brown hair and stubble. He is an alcoholic.

Spencer Drake[edit]

Spencer is a human with augmented arms, limbs and eyes. He maintains an entirely human appearance and talk of his prosthetics makes him uncomfortable. He has bright green hair with purple accents.

Liana Reznikova[edit]

Liana is a human redhead in a black shirt, bright green jacket and dark blue jeans. She controls fire.