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Drawn by Almadel.
Hi, my name is Ben, Benchilla, Bennifer, Benjadumb, or whatever you feel like calling me. I was born in October of '92, and have lived in Philadelphia all my life. I've been aware of furries around since I was twelve, and have been an active participant in the community since I was sixteen. I don't really call myself a furry (in the same way I wouldn't call myself a Little Monster or a Barbie or any other nickname for fans of something), but I do consider myself an artist, primarily as a writer and a musician. My character is a chinchilla, although I feel no real personal attachment to it, as I moreso simply admire anthro animals, rather than being intimately interested in the idea of being one.

I was a sysop on Encyclopedia Dramatica from July 2007 to February 2008, a moderator of the Fur Affinity Forums from May 2010 to November of that year. I was one of the original founders of Weasyl, although I'm no longer involved with the project. I spend my time either writing, making mashups, editing videos, being a female impersonator/drag queen, dancing, or goofing off and doing nothing useful with my time.

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