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Hiya! Welcome to Basic Bassist's userpage (call me BB if you want, yo) userpagea bisexual (he usually finds girls too bitchy, though) furry currental living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born on November 10 and is now sixteen. He has a boyfriend living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, whom is also a furry. Wolfie's species is, well, a wolf (with a little raccoon and fox in him, as well). He became a furry in June, so he's very new to furry fandom. He enjoys hanging out with his boyfriend and listening (and making) metal/hard rock music. He joined WikiFur in June(?) (he can't remember). He also contributes to Wikipedia as User:WereWolf He has one band, called In Association With. He almost got signed to Epic Records, but he and his band turned them down.

Furcode (decode): FMS3a A-- C- D H++ M# P++ R+ T++ W Z- Sm RLM a- c+ d? e- f++++ h* i++ j--- p++ sm-