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Fursona Profile from Steam

Species: Dragon

Element; love♥

Style: my self / Sissy

Gender: male

Status: avaleble

Sexualty: for god sake you depofile he is a baby :D

Age: 8 months

Real age: 16

Things i like to do:Play Race Games or Team Fortress 2 / sleep / Role Play (RP) / buy and colect pacifiers

Items: pacifier, guitar , and more pacifiers (and a verry special teddy bear that was gifted from my best frend ^.=.^)

What else i do:chat whit {BFG}Radix / Sleep / Suckle a wide colection of Pacifier's

Sports: archery/ bmx/ moutianbike/ Skateboarding.

Thing i eat: evry thing that looks yumi ^.=.^

What i drink: Monster Energy

emotions: Board / Happy / FREE!!! / Playfull / childish /

Needs: love / atention / a baby sitter

Loves: ♥cynder♥. and ( Dark Spyro The Darkest Dragon. my momy)

Things i hate: The Government

Music style:Death Metal / Heavy Metal / Metal / Punk rock / Hard Rock / Dubstep / Hardstyle / Hardcore(not to hard and fast it needs to have a melodie)

Powers: Shape Shifting / Controling Water / intelegance

Favorite Artist: Slipknot / Metallica / Lamb Of God / Children of bodom / Xzibit / Headhunterz / Noisecontrolers /

He also has family for his fursona

momy: Cynder Lust-Puppy

Dady: Dark Spyro The Awesome Dragon

Brother's: Gartor / PlayerNikita

Sister: Abby

Bestfrend's: {BFG}Radix

Babysitter : kiro - Fluffy Dragons