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Celeathka, with tail snake visible.
Going to try to become a tad bit more active here, folks. :P Don't worry, I don't bite.

I usually go by Ayeaka online. I'm twenty, a furry artist, and currently I'm living in Louisiana, though I'm a Texas gal, born 'n' bred. (Don't worry, I'll tidy this up for ya'll later.) I'm bi-gendered, though I prefer female pronouns, since I'm female in real life, and it means fewer awkward discussions. My fursona's a chimaeric monster--though she has no set gender/sex. I'm pretty talkative. Hit me up on FA or in SL if you feel like chatting. :3

SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Ayeaka Reinsch.

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