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My Background[edit]

Is orange. Ha ha.

What I really mean to say, is that I started my life living in Ohio, USA, in a small suburb of Cleveland. I really thought I'd spend my whole life there, even though I didn't want to. I attended Hiram college, Kent State University and the Cleveland Institute of Art, where I got my bachelor's degree.

I've been married twice, and my marriage to my first husband prompted me to join the US Army. I went to Missouri, then Texas and finally to Germany. I was stationed at Ansbach. I also did a tour in Saudi Arabia at Prince Sultan Air Base. I met my second husband in the Army and got married shortly after my divorce. My husband and I have moved around a lot, from Germany to Texas, to Arizona and finally back to Texas where we bought a house in El Paso.

We have two kids and I mostly stay at home and make a little money on the side from my art while my husband currently works overseas for the US Army. My daughter, Rei, is autistic and my son, Ian is a toddler.

I'm an atheist, an anime fan and I like to garden. My favorite color is orange.

Furry Art[edit]

My work as a furry artist started mainly in college, when I was at Kent State U. I made a comic about a character named Sheena Was, who was a little bat who is lonely. I didn't really follow up with it, since most of my professors did not approve of comic art (the usual story). I gave some of the original panels of my Sheena Was comic to my sister and she had them on her wall at her college dorm. My first husband saw them and later on, he was the person who encouraged me to start drawing furry art again. For all of my differences with my first husband, I must say that he is the person who introduced me to the online world of furry art.

I did stop drawing for a while, and after I married my second husband, I was afraid that he wouldn't understand furry art. But being an anime fan, it was an easy jump from "cat girls" to anthropomorphic animals. He even tried his hand at drawing, too. I also changed my pen name from Sheena Was to Ayame, which I sometimes write out as Ayame Emaya, because it amuses me to do so. ;) Ayame is a Chinese dragon and is loosely inspired by Sohma Ayame from "Fruits Basket."

I enjoy drawing all kinds of art, and while the world requires me to categorize art as "erotic" or "clean" or whatever, to me, it's all the same. It's all about connection, communication and emotion. To me, sex is beautiful, normal and a fit subject for artwork. So I am known for my erotic art and I'm glad.

Since then, it's been up and down for me. I try to draw and write as much as possible, but it's not easy balancing a family, home and artwork. Nevertheless, I keep plugging away.

That's it[edit]

Like it says. That's all I can think to say. Thanks for reading my profile. :)

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