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Hi there, I'm Atoro, one of the administrators and co-creators of Yaoihaven Reborn. I started out doing a few translations for Wolfy back when we were hosted by WetPaint, and after the site went down, I offered my assistance in rebuilding the site to be better than ever before. It took a could months, and we did have some launch problems (like a thousand times as much traffic as we expected ^_^) but we got it rolling and have been building the best yaoi site we possibly can! This site is always surprising me more and more every day, with the number of people we have visiting, how we get people from every corner of the globe on here, participating in everything from the forums to the chatrooms, it’s just amazing sometimes. This site went from a small undertaking to an enormous project overnight, and I’m happy it’s as popular as it is, and hope it becomes even moreso! Besides all that, I generally spend my time playing video games or browsing Reddit, and occasionally doing some doujinshi translations =). I’ve got a couple motorcycles, and love to go riding out in the twisting roads of the California coast, one of the many hobbies I have. I’m glad to be a part of this great community, and am working hard in the background tweaking and twerking the gizmos and gadgets to make this site run as good as it can.