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Aslan Printy is a pretty standard grey wolf. He has mid-length headfur that is constantly changing and either slicked back or mussed purposefully for a rough look. He stands 6 ft. 3 in. tall and is of average build. He has striking emerald eyes and one gleaming platinum half-ring in each ear, tipped with green points.

In real life, Aslan lives with Baka Sukonku and Satoshi Kaxeno, whom he is mated to. He works for a company that creates websites for schools, cities, and counties. He wants to continue working towards obtaining at least his Associate's Degree in Computer Programming. His hobbies include reading suspense novels in his infrequent spare time, playing video games, and drooling over exotic automobiles, especially Porsches. He also dabbles in a bit of fursuiting, and he hopes to make his own fursuit by AC this year, if not then next year for sure.