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"The M stands for Maurice"[edit]

A hedgehog of discriminating tastes. Extremely discriminating. He probably discriminates against you, you damn furry.

Ash has been a practicing goon for several years now, and the misanthropic bent of the site's humor is very evident in his own self-proclaimed assholish nature.

He has not been a practicing homosexual for several years now, having been seduced into the evils of heterosexuality by the infamous troublemaker Lei. Lei cunningly calculated a scheme to render Ash helpless with sexual favors and intoxicating kisses on Easter Sunday 2004. Since then, the tyrant who is to be his wife has instilled within "The Reverend" a dark desire to enjoy heterosexual sex on a frequent basis.

As ordained in The First Amalgamated Church of Whoop-Ass, he is entitled to carry out penances levied for sins against humanity. He is a dark and bitter man, who is also bitter-tasting.

On August 15, 2005, Ash outed WikiFur to the aforementioned Something Awful and strangely enough, nobody outside WikiFur or Something Awful really cared. Shortly thereafter, nobody made threats upon Ash's life for doing this. As such lack of drama is heretofore unseen, it bears reporting.

If he hands you a CD-ROM labeled "homemade porn", the disc will contain homosexual frottage. Just for reference, he will not warn heterosexual males against this.

His current project is to resurrect the Burned Furs. That pretty much speaks for itself.

Ask him about his musical ambitions. It's fun to make him cry!

"The Reverend" Ash Maurice Cairo is currently engaged to Lady Sakura Lei Kitsune (also known as Lei). The couple is expected to be married on April 1, 2007.

Prev. unk. is Ash's extreme hatred for abbr. However, previous knowledge is that has already been known, however, he loathes, however, bad a.k.a. improper english, however.

There are some assertions regarding his penis size. It has been rumored to be either especially large or sadly diminuitive. Neither have been either confirmed or denied by Ash. Therefore, we are left to assume it is indefinite, which is to say, it is both. This may be taken to be the infamous "Schrödinger's Schlong" conundrum.

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