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im a F.H.L.C.M.P.W.A.H also known as a from Purto Rico and if you call me a beaner then GO TO JAIL!

im a Ricer...we like rice...not beans.....if we like beans then we would be called Purto Beano... XD

im a person with so many personas that im a intier city in one body... meaning you get 5253459681 people mad at the sametime....don't make them mad...its a angry mob of really don't want to see that....

my last name stands for Pheonix Fox but im never going draw my pheonix form...


Aerusales Phox's Stats

True name:Aerusales Axesales Varularus Pink

2nd true name:Jonathan "Johnny" Jones

Nobody name:Xerulaseas Axel

Human name:Arun Vaati Ranusalar

Sex: Male

Species: Luniacaronic Minish Keaton fox/earth cat

Level: 99

Orientation: evil

Girl-boy-friend(s):krow,lunia,larry,alot of people.....

Sister: Aeris the cat,Blaze, much people i forgot...

brother: Z,Zyran,Acid.....same with sis...

wifes: Farore,Zarla Vatia,.....?

pets: zarla t. fox,mikey t. fox,EVERYONE!

Status: confuser

Looking For: People with "nerly" the same name...

weakness: being called a girl well make him passout.....

battles lost: 0

battles won: 9121

allies:Haseo hellriser,Tahlaru,Haku hedgy,Madara Uchiha,Jenny K. L. H.,Mr.Doom,Silvermon,Number XIII,Femi Deidara

best friend and personal editer: ine sian

Jonathan Pierre"Johnny" Jones:the role playing artist[edit]

The Aerusales "other",he is siad to be "nicer" then Aerus. For "resons" unkowned,he was name after a boss in the game:

Mario rpg:legend of the seven stars

this also happens to be the his real name. he draws lots of "pic" that look exactly like other peoples drawings.

they call him "the copy master". being very good...He quit drawing on paper,then worked in building sized art. he moved to japan to do the shadow the hegdehog painting on one of the buildings. but his idea was done already.


aerusale's comic has its 1st two pages now...more well be made soon..


Johnny jones' Myspace

Johnny jones' photobucket

Johnny jones'deviantantart

Aerusales 2