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Hello Web Surfers! I'm Arkyfalke but you can call me Ark or Arky.

My goal on WikiFur is to provide more information for the avian/feathery branch of the fandom.

Thanks for visiting my page!

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To-do list[edit]

  • Edit avian-related pages
    • Avian (add content so it is no longer a stub)
    • Category:Bird Species (This has links to pages which differ greatly in style. All except the one on crows have a description. Some list characters on the page, but others have a link to another page such as Category: Crow characters. Also, a user page is included in this list)
  • Upload a profile pic at some point
  • Maybe add links to my profiles on other sites

Other Projects Outside WikiFur[edit]

I am working on a website which is a collection of Avian media. (Not quite wiki material)

Check it out at

Timeline/Accomplishments on WikiFur[edit]

  • 10/20/2022 registered my account
  • 10/21/2022 made my user page personal and presentable