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ARIAN (AKA Arian Maral)[edit]

Arian Maral
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Lionman
  • Locations Found: SPR (Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK)
  • Created: Mon Jun 19 05:42:42 CEST 1995
  • Status: Wizard
  • Specialization: Space and building.

OOC background[edit]

SPR was my second MUCK, after lasting all of two days on FurryMUCK (under a different name/species). I became a wizard sometime in late January 1996, acting as co-space wizard with Murphy, aka Murphy the MUFMouse by virtue of how much I had built in the space area. During that time, I was mostly an avid builder and RP'er, no coding skills at all...I built and Murphy coded, and all was well.

When Murphy left in late '96 I took over the role of space wizard, though there was very little I could do as I wasn't a programmer. Space was pretty much inactive between late '96 and early '98 while I intermittently taught myself to program. On 7/23/1998, the first programs of mine went live and SPR Space was restored, with the new name SocioSpace.

Since then, many things have been added to SPR, friends (player and wizard) have come and gone, disputes have occurred and been forgotten...but in the end, it is the place I keep coming back to. It's home.

IC Background[edit]

Without going into extensive detail here, Arian Maral is the President and CEO of TranStar Incorporated, the largest megacorporation in the known galaxy. His designated heir is his son Arrlan (RP alt of Arian) and his closest advisor is the head of Corporate Internal Security, Aleksanr V. Romanov (player). He resides in his estate, located on the planet Capitol, in the TranStar System.