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Arcticina Fox or Arcticina for Short is a 38 years old from Antarctica. She traveled down into the United states and came across a human residing in York County PA (down near the Maryland borderline. Now she shares a body with this human in York County PA. She is very friendly, outgoing, helpful, lovable and wants to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. She has a very huge family and is loved by all of them. She is the oldest sister in the family.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Arcticina's human counterpart Joined the Furry_fandom in the early to mid 90's


Arctina's fursona is a female arctic fox with brown tips on her ears, tail. Her paws is all brown with pink Paw Pads, and her tongue is also pink.


Arcticina Fox was made by Brian Hayers Jr (on Facebook) in the city of York PA in a trailer park off I-83 under his own business Badger Punk in 2017.

Other fursuits[edit]

Besides Arcticina the human owns Black Foot Da Femboy Indian Wolf (Retired) and Sparky Husky (Retired) Next suit will be a toss up between Krystal the Dutch Angel Dragon (D.A.D), and her slutty cousin (cousin of Arcticina Fox) Candy Fox

Convention attendance[edit]


Arcticina's human counterpart has been a part of the Fur Fandom since the early to mid 90's. Her counterpart's YouTube channel dates back to Jan. 4th, 2009, but didn't start uploading til May of 2009. She has 4,343 views. Her YouTube channel used to belong to Black Foot Da Wolf but since he/she is retired she decided to take it over along with any other account that Black Foot was on, including social media. She doesn't make much content cuz she doesn't know that much about editing videos. She currently has only 93 subscribers.



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