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Anima's primary conbadge and icon, done by Calicougar

Anima, or Animakitty to avoid confusion, plays a twenty-foot long quadrupedal black panther on FurryMUCK, Tapestries, SPR, and Voregotten Realms among other places.

He writes furry fiction, erotic and general-audience, the former almost exclusively centered around vore and its related fetishes such as unbirth. Weight gain elements, Inflation/Balloonies, and Macrophilia also feature.

Some of the more popular stories include the Vixen series and the two "Burgeoning Desires" balloon vixen tales.

Anima's Player[edit]

The oversized panther's player lives in the Dayton Ohio area in the United States, working as a computer hardware technician and writing in his free time.


  • Anima is an unabashed geek, a packrat, a Nerfsmith, and a casual gamer.
  • He hates Final Fantasy X not because of the aeon who stole his name but because he found Tidus's character and voice extremely irritating.
  • He has been called anime, enema, and the typoes are worse. The name's origin lies in the work of Carl Jung.

Related Links[edit]

  • The bulk of his web-published stories are available at his website, Anima's Den.
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