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The one and only

L13K 0MG 15 1V13333333333!!!!!!!!!1111111[edit]

Uh...Hi. Sup foo. I am AmberAlmgihty, a fairly new fur. I was once very much into the fandom eons ago, and I decided to come back although I am certainly not into it as much as I once was.

My past fursonas were, in order, a navy blue werewolf, a lion, and currently a yeticat, a creation by me which is part yeti and part snow leopard. I like unpopular things. In fact, my favorite Invader Zim character is Dib. Gir is like number five on my favorite Zim character list. Sorry.

Areas of Expertise[edit]

  • Spelling (Although I do make the occasional typo, 'cause I'm only human)
  • Knowledgeable in Lion King culture
  • Drawing (See External Links)

Significant Contributions[edit]



Major Additions[edit]

External Links[edit]

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