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I'm Aidan Cheddar (also known as Zc456, Squeaks, Mousie and previously Zenon Tigerpaw). I love to travel, draw, write program, and the works. In my free time, I like to play games like The Sims and SimCity. While I'm not much of a linguist, I am learning Esperanto and creating my own language from scratch to go with my fictional universe, known as Casey Universe, though it may be used for fun as well.

For more information regarding myself, see my Wikifur page. It's currently in the process of repair after my past sporadic updates to it when I was still known as Zenon Tigerpaw that lost my editing privilages.

Casey Universe[edit]

Casey Universe, abbreviated as CU, is a non-profit franchise that consists of one comic series and two book trilogies: Furry Blue DJ (or FBDJ), Sunset, Frontier. It's quite complex. It started out as FBDJ, created during the summer 2005, about a blue, white striped from the muzzle down, cat-fox, known as Zack, worked his way to becoming DJ. It was my chance to get away from cable and start my own cartoon, comics, or whatever I wanted. What made it a franchise is, at that time, it had fanclub, fan/gift art, and severeal spin-offs. The storyline, however, quickly became reilent on guests, as the comic series quickly became a shared-universe. Later Zack became an author avatar by the end of the year. So, after the events of 2006 came to a close, I tried to reboot the FBDJ. It's relience on guests made it difficult.

It didn't take until almost a decade later that I figured out a way to reboot the series. It involved setting things years later, where Zack's his freinds moved on and he was getting quite lonely until he met Aidan Cheddar stealing some food from the kitchen one day. Instead of Zack calling him out, they both decided to get to know each other and become friends. That liad the groundwork for what was to be the Whiskers trilogy.

At first, CU, at that time a blog and wiki. The name was honor of creating Zack, who's last name was Casey, that without creating him I would there would be no FBDJ. I wouldn't be able to entertainn myself or others. As writing for the first book to Whiskers grew and the Wiki began to grow the plots for next two books began to shape, I decided to scrap CU as a blog and merge FBDJ, Sunset, Whiskers, and Incursion into one. Later, the Whiskers trilogy was pulled, replaced by Sunset, and Incursion was remained to Frontier. When work on the rewritten second edition of the Sunset, the first book, started.