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Drummer The AngelWolf (born ????, if available), is a furry fan and furry event organizer who lives in ???? (if available).


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Fandom involvement[edit]

Drummer is the chairman for the furry convention, Alamo City Furry Invasion (ACFI).

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He is the dynamic and dedicated Convention Chairman, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to cultivating a vibrant and inclusive space within the furry community. Their leadership style is marked by a harmonious fusion of passion and professionalism, creating an environment that resonates with both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

At the core of Drummer's approach is a profound belief in the power of inclusivity. Recognizing the diverse tapestry of the furry fandom, Drummer has implemented initiatives to ensure that Alamo City Furry Invasion serves as a welcoming haven for individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and interests. This commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric, with concrete actions and policies in place to foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and accepted.

One of Drummer's standout qualities as the Convention Chairman is their keen focus on enhancing the overall attendee experience. Through meticulous planning and an eye for detail, they have spearheaded initiatives such as ACFI Universe, elevating the convention to new heights. Attendees can expect a carefully curated schedule that balances entertainment, education, and community engagement, ensuring that every moment at Alamo City Furry Invasion is enjoyable and enriching.

In addition to their commitment to inclusivity and program excellence, Drummer has been a driving force behind ACFI. Whether streamlining organizational processes, introducing novel elements to the convention, or championing community outreach projects, Drummer's contributions have left an indelible mark on the success and growth of Alamo City Furry Invasion.

As Convention Chairman, Drummer The AngelWolf embodies the spirit of the furry fandom, weaving together creativity, camaraderie, and a passion for storytelling. Their dedication to making Alamo City Furry Invasion a standout event reflects a profound understanding of the community's diverse needs and an unwavering commitment to ensuring that the convention remains a highlight for furry enthusiasts year after year.


Drummer The AngelWolf's fursona is a ????>

Convention attendance[edit]

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