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Midnight Fox
Author(s) Jacob Elmer
Launch date TBA
Genre Superhero, comedy
NR (Not yet Rated)

Midnight Fox is an upcoming comic book/graphic novel series created by American cartoonist Jacob Elmer and co-written by Jordann William Edwards. It is set in the same universe as Elmer's existing comic strip, Boredom Inc. and serves as part of The Dynamite Twins and Friends shared universe.


Set in San Francisco, California in the year 1992, the story tells of Reed Jackson, a teenage arctic fox who gains super powers abilities during his adolescence, and uses it to become a masked crime fighter, "Midnight Fox". All of this attention catches the attention of a rookie SFPD police officer, Detective Luke Forrest which leads to a bitter rivalry between the superhero and the cop.

However when a fierce and mysterious villain known as, Professor Shadows begins to reign terror onto the city, The two heroes must put aside their differences and work together to take down the diabolical villain.


Elmer states that the webcomic, Ray Fox serves as a major influence for the series. He also admits to wanting to do a superhero comic for a long time due to his interest in Marvel comic books.

He pitched the idea to Jordann William Edwards and they are currently writing the manuscript, though Elmer states that he began illustrating the panels for the first issue.


  • Reed Jackson/Midnight Fox -Reed is an arctic fox and a shy socially awkward teenager and a sophomore in high school. He developed his powers as he grew older and with the help of his best friend Marty, they began to train him to become a superhero. As Midnight Fox, Reed feels alot more confident in himself and is often known to get a bit cocky, often using wise cracking humor when fighting his enemies.

Reed has extreme superhuman strength and high tolerance to pain, though his powers are limited he has a quick wit of getting out of a tight situation.

  • Detective Luke Forrest -A 23 year old silver fox originally from Texas who joined the San Francisco police department and promoted to detective within a year. Despite being a rookie, Luke is very devoted to his career as a cop, and is very adamant about getting the job done as much as possible. Luke is also a bit too prideful and can get a bit too reckless from time to time. Because of his pride, this leads him to antagonize Midnight Fox, viewing superheroes as a threat to the "real heroes".

Though he isn't a superhero, Luke is every 80's action hero trope in the book. He shows very talented marksmanship and sharp shooting with firearms. Though, mainly carries a Dan Wesson revolver as his main sidearm, Luke is also very skilled in martial arts.

Despite his badass nature, Luke tries to remain honorable still mild mannered and even maintains a sense of humor, even in times of danger. Luke is also known to be very persistent which is possibly due to taking his job seriously.