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Litho Sandoval (died February 27, 2023) was a furry TikToker whose fursona was a fox.

with white, pink, and blue fur. He gained a large following on the platform for his engaging videos and positive attitude toward the furry fandom.


Tragically, on February 27th, 2023, Litho Sandoval passed away from suicide. The news of his passing was announced on TikTok by his close friend Caroline, who shared the devastating news with Litho's fans and followers.


Litho was a frequent attendee at furry conventions and was well-known within the furry TikTok community.

Despite his untimely passing, Litho Sandoval's legacy as a talented and inspiring member of the furry community will endure. His creativity, passion, and positive spirit will continue to inspire and uplift his fans for years to come.

Litho's death has been deeply felt by the furry community and his fans. He will be remembered as a vibrant and creative member of the community.

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