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Urban Dictionary is a web based term/slang encyclopedia, where users contribute their own definition of any spoken and/or written word in real time. New, informal, urban, internet, and/or made-up words form the bulk of this site.

A word's "true definition" (accuracy) is "approved" through a public base, "thumbs-up/thumbs-down" voting system, with the more "accurate" ones reaching its page top spots. Multiple definitions of a single word are allowed, as are sound files and images.

Urban Dictionary and Furry[edit]

Numerous words and terms related to the furry fandom can be found peppered through the site, as well as a few nonfur terms with a direct/indirect connection with the culture, with an accuracy level of 50/50 for the most popular terms.

Sample entries[edit]

  • Furry
Anthro, anthropomorphic, burned fur, fur, furcadia, fchan, furries, furry, furry art, furry lifestyler, furry sympathizer, fursona, fursuit, fursuiter, fursuitsex, furvert, yiff
  • Non-furry
4chan, beastality, furfag, furries in denial, furry drama, furry hater, fursecution, portal of evil, something awful, Wolfaboo.

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