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Unzumi is a lioness original character that first made her appearance on The Pride's MUCK in 1998, and then quickly moved to African Tails MUCK shortly after. Unzumi has become her player's online persona, and while the character gradually became an evil psychopath, her player is not.

Unzumi has been a member of The Prides MUCK, African Tails MUCK, The Lion King MUCK, Sunrise MUCK, Watership Down MUCK, Redwall MUCK, Bleaker MUCK, Width and Depth, Meadows MUCK, Mnara, and various other MUCKs and roleplays.

Unzumi had been the headwizard of Age of Evolution but unable to continue the project it was given over to another player. All her original information has been erased, and she has no part in the making or overseeing of her once pet project. She was also a wizard on Meadows MUCK and Cry of the Kalahari.

Unzumi's most current projects include the "Twilight Sonata" and "Mnara - Generations" roleplay forums.