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Furry writers talk about writing and furry.
Host(s) Kyell Gold, K.M. Hirosaki
Website http://www.furaffinity.net/user/unsheathed/
Update schedule Weekly
RSS (MP3) http://www.kyellgold.com/kkcast/unsheathed.rss
Launch date July 22nd, 2009
End Date Ongoing
Genre Writing, advice

Unsheathed is a podcast about furry writing, hosted by K.M. Hirosaki and Kyell Gold. Engineering and technical support are provided by Kit Silver. Early on it was billed as a furry erotica podcast, though in practice, the majority of the material covered applies to writing in general. As of September 18th, 2012 there have been 92 regular episodes, and seven Unsheathed Presents episodes. Through May 2011, new episodes were being released at a rate of approximately once per week, but were sporadic for the latter part of 2011 and early 2012, with most of the released episodes being live convention recordings. As of September 2012, more regular updates have resumed.

Since Summer of 2012, the hosts have also been conducting live episodes on Livestream where viewers can ask questions and prompt discussion topics in live chat. The episodes are roughly a half hour in length, and are archived on the Livestream site for viewing after the fact. There is no set broadcast schedule for these episodes, but they are typically held on Mondays, and are announced ahead of time via the hosts' respective Twitter accounts.

The Unsheathed Presents episodes feature a story reading. Thus far, all stories featured have been written by one of the hosts.

Guests who have made appearances on the show include Not Tube, Flain Falcon, Jeff Eddy, Rikoshi, Buck Hopper, FuzzWolf, foozzzball, Savrin, Lovejoy, Donryu, Colson, Jakebe, Zia McCorgi, Cyanni, Catherynne Valente, and Dick Power.

Some episodes were recorded with a live audience, most of them at furry conventions. These are #10 at RainFurrest 2009, #18 at Midwest Furfest 2009, #25 at Further Confusion 2010, #29 at Furry Fiesta 2010, #35 at WonderCon 2010, #50 at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2010, #56 at RainFurrest 2010, #59 in San Jose, CA (a non-convention live show), #62 at Midwest Furfest 2010, #66 in Las Vegas, NV, #69 at Further Confusion 2011, #75 at Furry Fiesta 2011, #86 at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011, #87 at Feral! 2011, #89 at RainFurrest 2011, #90 at Further Confusion 2012, and #92 at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012.

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