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Unnatural is an erotic fantasy comic of furry interest by Italian artist, Mirka Andolfo. Originally published in Italian under the name of Contro Natura in 2015, Unnatural was published in English in 2018 by Image Comics.


Unnatural takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, where "love" is regulated by the government which goes as far as selecting a mate of the same species for fursons upon reaching the age of twenty-five. Marriage is encouraged as there is a tax exemption. Relationships between other species and gender are expressly forbidden and punishable by harsh sentences including death for repeat offenders, as it is deemed "unnatural" by government propaganda painting it as about the continuation of the species.

The protagonist is Leslie, a pig girl who as she approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, is wracked by strange dreams in which she is in a passionate relationship with a lupine male. Her best friend and roommate, Trish (a mouse) is worried for her and tries to find a way to interpret her dream. Another friend, Derek (a ram) is in a relationship with Max (a male pig) but wants Leslie to marry him so that they could all enjoy the tax break that comes with the marriage. Meanwhile, Leslie is seeming being stalked by a mysterious stranger who bears a resemblance to the wolf in her dreams.

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