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Univaded Fox is a furry who lives in British Columbia, Canada.[1] His fursona is a magenta fox with blue eyes.

Univaded is a graduate of The Art Institute of Vancouver, and holds a diploma in Digital Film and Video.

Univaded is an active photographer at local furry events. He often collaborates on video projects with Baby Cheetah, and is placed in charge of handling The Kheetah Cam whenever the latter fursuits. Since 2012, Univaded has been entrusted with the care of TK’s fursuit, Rennie Fox.

Convention Promotional Videos[edit]

Although having trained to be an editor, Univaded Fox was approached by Coal Silvermuzzle in the summer of 2011 to create a promotional video for western Canada’s first furry convention, VancouFur 2012. The success of that video lead to subsequent commissions for promotional videos advertising Rainfurrest 2012, VancouFur 2013, VancouFur 2014, VancouFur 2015, VancouFur 2016 and VancouFur 2017. Univaded frequently collaborated on these projects with Baby Cheetah, Professor Whovianart, and sometimes with FurryJackman.

The meaning of "Univaded"[edit]

Univaded’s name is an accidental mispronunciation of the word Undivided. The word came about as a result of a childhood fascination with Cartography; specifically a map which had divided local roadways into “Divided” and “Undivided” freeways. The phrase was coined sometime in the early 1990s and stuck with him. In 2007, when Univaded actively began exploring the internet furry community, he adopted the title “Univaded” as a pseudonym. It was his mate who created the name Univaded Fox (or ‘Unifox’ for shot) in January 2008.

The unique spelling of the name has led to numerous mispronunciations; the most frequent being "Un-ivaded," "Uninvaded", and "Univater".


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