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Host(s) Tal, Vox and Roland
Website http://www.unfurled.net/
Update schedule Weekly
RSS (MP3) http://www.unfurled.net/?feed=rss2
Launch date March 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre News - Advice - Talk

UnFurled is a furry podcast based in Alberta, Canada. It is hosted by Tal (formerly Talon), Lord Vox and Roland, with occasional guests.

The show originated in March 2010, but over the course of 2011, episodes appeared less and less frequently due to the hosts' busy schedules, and then went on hiatus. As of March 2012, new episodes have started to appear again.


Episodes starting in the 2012 season last between 60-90 minutes. The opening segment discusses interesting news items, not necessarily fandom-related. The rest of the show is mostly devoted to replying to listener mail, often beginning with a guest segment hosted by Voice.

While the show is being recorded, there are also interaction with listeners who are logged into a live video chat session.

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